Pokemon Battle - 2017

Sculpting, Animation, Lighting Practice

Home Studio - 2017

Modeling, Lighting and Shading Practice

Coexist - 2017

Sculpting, Environmental Modeling and Procedural Textures

Angry Beard - 2016

A VR tower defense game where the player uses gesture-based spells to destroy a hoard of incoming enemies.

Game Design, Programming, Modeling.

Obscura - 2016

A 3D Puzzle Game where the player can only walk in shadows, but can manipulate the position of the sun to create shadow paths to reach their goal.

Game Design, Modeling, Shading.

Propuga - 2017

3D Puzzle Game where each level is procedurally generated for endless gameplay possibility.

Clustered Deferred Renderer - 2017

Developed in Javascript, GLSL. Live Demo